Santiago, the capital of Chile, is a showcase of the beautiful diversity that is uniquely Chilean. The colonial architectures blend with the more funky structures. There is the elegant colonial building of the Plaza de Armas. And there is the trendy street of El Bosque. The extensive range of art collection rivals that natural beauty of the Forest Park. Thus, the best thing to do in Santiago is to go sightseeing. The five million people that reside at the city welcome the tourists. They are proud to display their country’s heritage, as well as promote international visitors. For an unforgettable Santiago sightseeing experience, the recommended places to go include the Cerro Santa Lucia, the Cerro San Cristobal, and the Paseo Ahumada.

The Cerro Santa Lucia is actually a 230-feet high hill that offers a fantastic view of the city. Located in Alamada Street, right at the center of the city, the top has a charming castle and it is next to the National Library. Although it is easy to move around the city by using the numerous taxis and buses, it might be a good idea to find a hotel along the same street, such as the Crowne Plaza. But it is recommended for tourists to choose hotels that are a few miles from the Cerro Santa Lucia because the place can be hostile at night. Considering that only a few streets separate the safe from the more dangerous areas, it is important that your hotel is in the right location.

The Cerro San Cristobal has an impressive 15-meter high white statue of the Virgin Mary at its top. It is adjacent to the Parque Metropolitano, the zoological garden, and the botanical garden. The Cerro San Cristobal is farther from the city center and can be reached via an enjoyable gondola ride that departs from the end of the El Cerro Avenue. You can utilize a map to find hotels that are near the El Cerro Avenue. And finally, the Paseo Ahumada is best toured by walking. Located right on Calle Ahumada, this area features the local artists of Santiago.