Sydney, Australia has a lot going for it in regards to culture and overall fun. This is because there are such things as the New Year’s fireworks that contribute to a harbor setting that is out of this world. This is just one of the things that make it one of the most attractive cities in the world, which also makes it a very popular travel destination. So if you’re just looking to escape to warmer weather in the winter or you just want a spectacular place to go on holidays, Sydney is your best bet. There is a lot in regards to entertainment, art, and sports that you just can’t find in other places around the world.

Being that Sydney is Australia’s largest city, it offers a wide range of cultural attractions. The iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are amongst the most popular. There’s also the Sydney Tower, which stands at 305 meters high with an observation deck that allows you to see the entire city.

There is also that artist tradition that can’t be overlooked. Some of the best artistic companies in Australia come from Sydney. There’s the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Sydney Theater Company, and the Sydney Dance Company. While you’re visiting, make sure you don’t miss the Sydney Festival, which consist of 50 events that are free and the genres that are covered are many. You can experience music, dance, circus events, and so much more.

So make sure when traveling to Sydney that you check out everything you possibly can. If you go around the time of the Sydney Festival, you want to give yourself some more time so that you can enjoy the festival and the many other activities that Sydney has to offer.