When visiting Rome, it is only right that you find a hotel that has that perfect view of the Coliseum or the Pantheon. Those are two of the most popular spots in Rome, countless other views are also worth pursuing in Rome. It is like when going to the beach you want an oceanfront room because the ocean is the attraction. You shouldn’t expect anything less when visiting Rome.

View of the Coliseum

Having a view of the Coliseum while in Rome can be quite the treat. It is just a matter of finding the right hotel that will let you have that view. There are hotels that are as close as 500 metres from the Coliseum, 100 metres from Metro Cavour for easy traveling, the 20 minutes away from the EUR business district, and only 300 metres from the Air Terminal and the Termini Railway Station. Hotels in this general area put you in the heart of the city, making the city easy to explore.

View of the Pantheon

If you want a hotel that is right in front of the Pantheon, that is available for you as well. Basically, you want to stay somewhere that is going to put you close to the Pantheon and allow you to explore everything else that Rome has to offer. With the right hotel, you can find yourself within walking distance of Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps, and Trevi Foundation.

It’s all about location

So when visiting Rome, you want to make sure you find a hotel in the right location that meets all of your needs. This includes any amenities that are important to you and anything in regards to location. Being in the right location is what is going to make or break your vacation. It also makes for wonderful memories.