When visiting Venice, the Piazza San Marco is the place to be. It is also called St. Mark’s Square and is the main square of Venice. It is one of those few great spaces in Europe of its kind. It is referred to as “The drawing room of Europe.” Instead of the sound of traffic, you hear the sounds of human voices. The pavement is made up of bricks laid out in a herringbone pattern, which is something that is very unique about it.

When booking hotels near the Piazza San Marco, you can choose hotels that are west of the plaza, east of the plaza, north of it, or on the waterfront promenade. Each area has its own features and you can find hotels within a plethora of price ranges. The varying price ranges make it possible for many people to enjoy what the Piazza San Marco has to offer. When staying near the Piazza, you’ll also find that there is something quite tranquil and unique about it. This comes early in the mornings and late at night.

In the early mornings and in the evenings, while everyone else is back at their less conveniently located hotels, you can be in the Piazza San Marco when the venders are setting up shop in the early mornings and you can be there when they’re taking it all down. There are only a handful of people on the Piazza in the evenings, making for an incredible experience. You may wonder what is so great about there not being very many people on the Piazza, but it is something that you just have to experience yourself to appreciate it. That’s because it is so fantastic that it can’t be described. Traveling to Venice for the indescribable is why many make the journey.