Planning a trip in Google Earth is really fun. You can gather so much information in advance that you certainly get the most out of your vacations. I really want to explore Bryant Park and the New York Public Library next time I visit. I always stop by and look around when I’m in New York but I feel like I’m often missing as much as I’m seeing.

So I launch Google Earth, fly to Bryant Park and start looking around with the Panoramio pictures.

There is a lot of pictures. Looking at them, I get what most tourist look at and also some more special features that I certainly have missed in the past. There is not only pictures, I also watch YouTube videos of what is happening around.

The videos show events that happen in a surrounding like Fashion Week. I can see what kind of street performer are in the surrounding of the library too.

Now I can go deeper in the details, wikipedia offers a lot of information on the landmarks in a city. Knowing I want to specifically visit Bryant Park in my next stay, it could be a good idea to stay nearby. Having access to a site early in the morning or later at night, is often the best way to appreciate it fully with smaller crowds. SeeYourHotel has a solution to browse for hotels directly in Google Earth.

Also while I am browsing the hotels I have access to other pictures, this time from flickr. The blue stars are the landmarks from SeeYourHotel and they show those pictures.

Last but not least I want to know where i will be getting some of my snacks while staying in New York and I’m overdue to scout for new Pizza places.

Here it is, a half hour scouting of Bryant Park surrounding’s in Google Earth and I’m ready. Also I really enjoy looking at a destination that way. Its really a virtual visit that make me dream about my vacations and how it will be like when I’ll go.