Twitter is all over the place and we decided it was time to add it even in the hotel information. Instead of rolling out our reviews and push the one from Trip Advisor we thought it would be great if people used Twitter to post reviews. On Twitter the way to tag a tweet is to insert a hash tag, so for reviews it could be simply #review and the name of the hotel. We fecth as much mention about the hotel on Twitter as possible and distinguish between simple mention and reviews. You can now see all of those in the reviews tab for the hotel. It looks like this:

You can see there is not yet many reviews, but if you click on the + sign you will be directed to Twitter to write one with the hotel name and the hash tag already populated. Using a technology as easy as Twitter to make review is great a simple sms from your phone and the world will know this concierge is really awesome. So follow @syhinfo and post reviews on Twitter.